Mythology For A Magical Life - by Ember Grant

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Stories, Rituals & Reflections to Inspire Your Craft.

Rekindle your craft and embrace a magical frame of mind with twelve amazing myths and their accompanying spells, meditations, affirmations, and hands-on activities. Mythology for a Magical Lifeshows you how to elevate your practice in ways you never imagined and deepen your connection to the human experience. Presenting myths, themes, and related activities, Ember Grant helps develop your skills and add new energy to your magic. Discover what the story of Cupid and Psyche can teach you about the journey of your soul. Explore how trickster folklore can inspire you to seize new opportunities in your life. Learn how to embrace your deep, primal self with the Maid-of-the-Waves tale. This compulsively readable book enriches your craft through the power of storytelling.

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