The Mystic Cottage

Welcome to Workshops and Events at The Mystic Cottage! 

Mystic Elements has always been a place where Community and Spirituality meet, that’s why we decided to take our moto a little further by renovating our old retail location on 4403 Park Avenue into The Mystic Cottage!


Our goal is for the Mystic Cottage to be a place where community can come together to heal, create, learn, and experience good company and energy with spiritually focused workshops such as meditations, yoga classes, sound baths, group tarot readings, crystal how-tos, craft nights, and so much more!

Please stay tuned to our website and social media as we get this new chapter of Mystic Elements rolling!
Workshop and Event announcements will be posted regularly and we hope you are as excited as we are and spread the word to family and friends!
If you or someone you know would like to learn more about holding your own workshop with us please email
Thank You!

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Renovating Mystic Elements Old Retail Location…

Turning the old store front of Mystic Elements into a new, welcoming, safe space for community to gather has been a great honor and privilege for us at Mystic Elements. This grand journey will hopefully turn out to be something really special to serve our community with spiritual, crafty, and educational workshops and bring the Mystic Family closer together!

With your help and encouragement, we will find peace, healing and love in this newly renovated space. The Mystic Cottage will be a place of unity, learning, healing and creation!

Join us for our many workshops to come as we embark on this journey together. Without you, we would just be rocks on a shelf, you bring life and magic into the Mystic name! You bring love and support to our families and we are eternally grateful for each and everyone of you! Help us spread the word of our new adventure by sharing the news with someone you think will greatly appreciate the hard work it took to get here and enjoy the classes and community this new space will bring. See you at the Mystic Cottage!

Located at 4403 Park Ave in Wilmington, NC