Mystic Elements engages a variety of practitioners to lead and guide us through workshops, meet-ups, and readings that enrich our spiritual living. Many of our readers are based in the Wilmington area, while some travel from around the country to immerse our community in warmth, healing, and happiness. No matter what religious faith or spiritual path you follow, our practitioners create a space of learning and a sense of belonging with their unique abilities. Through tarot and oracle cards, mediumship, palmistry, or simply connecting with Spirit, let the team at Mystic Elements illuminate your journey.

Maeven-Eller-Five Maeven Eller-Five

Spiritual Teacher, Palmist, and Tarot Reader

Maeven Eller-Five has been a fixture in the greater U.S. Pagan Community since 1997. She founded the Pagan Community Center movement by opening Betwixt & Between Community Center in Dallas, Tx., a non-profit organization serving North Texas and beyond. Betwixt & Between was a brick and mortar facility open seven days a week, providing classes, social events, festivals, concerts, drum jams and civil rights support. During this time, author Anne Rice granted her the rights to conduct Mayfair Witch Tours of New Orleans, taking multiple groups on tours of the sites and places in that series of books. She served as Executive Director of the Texas Council of Magickal Arts, the oldest pagan festival organization in the country, and still serves as an active advisor to its' Board. She is the Matriarch of the House of Five Phamily and active clergy to a greater community of thousands. She was Pagan Pride Day coordinator for 7 years for the City of Dallas, was a member of the Dallas Council of Churches, and the Dallas Independent School District Religious Task Force, as well as the only pagan representative to President Bush's Faith-based Initiative Program, providing social services through grant programs to her community.

Maeven has participated in the national and international Pagan Leader's List since the late 90's. She has been practicing and sharpening her skills for 35 years as a psychic, clairvoyant, card reader and palmist. She has been initiated into the Georgian Wiccan Tradition, into the Servants of Light by Dolores Ashcroft-Norwiki, had active association and initiation in the Order of Oriental Templars, and is the the Steward of the U.S. Chapter of the Knights of St. Francis. She has been a regular presenter and guest speaker at Paranormal, Pagan and Drumming Festivals around the U.S. Her civil rights activism has caused her to appear dozens of times, state-wide and nationally in broadcast and print media. She has been interviewed by Madamoiselle International and other magazines, appeared in HBO'S Documentary ''Paradise Lost II – Revelations'', PBS's ''Faith Focus'' among other television and Cable appearances. She is listed in Raven Grimassi's “Encyclopedia of Wicca and Witchcraft,” has a chapter in Tom Levinson's ''All That's Holy''. Most recently, Maeven has been invited to attend the 7th Parliament of World Religions in Toronto.

Ashlyn Aquarius

Tarot & Oracle Reader, Spirit Medium

Ashlyn Aquarius is a 2020 NCSU psychology graduate, spirit medium, & gifted intuitive card reader. Using a combination of psychic abilities, Ashlyn is able to look into the past, present, & future energies surrounding an event, ongoing situation, place, or person - including those that have passed on.

Each of Ashlyn’s readings are a combination of Tarot & Oracle card pulls. Each of the cards have a traditional & intuitive meaning based on the positioning, placement, and other cards surrounding it. The message is then interpreted in an easy-to-digest & loving way that aids you in gaining insight into your unique situation. Each reading is meant to leave you feeling refreshed, uplifted & redirected back onto your Divine path!

Please note, Spirit Mediumship appointments must be booked at least one day in advance to allow for proper spiritual preparation.

Ashlyn has been reading Tarot & Oracle for North Carolina residents & clients across the globe since 2019. Virtual sessions are an option for our far-away friends! 

Beth Urban

Tarot & Oracle Reader, Spirit Medium

Elizabeth Urban, “Beth” also known as Oceanside Oracle has been a practicing professional psychic since 2019 and a practicing astrologer since 1997. Her Clair Gifts have been wit her since birth and she taught herself astrology, Tarot and Oracle Cards, intuitively around the age of 13. For many years she gave her family and friends practice readings but didn’t start professionally until 2019. Her experience and education is completely innate and self taught.

She has been psychic all of her life but did not embrace and develop her gifts until later on into adulthood. Her readings have been described like someone took a psychic, oracle and Tarot Cards, meeting with your BFF and putting them all into a blender. Clients also describe her sessions as spiritual counseling. She is a psychic, an intuitive card reader, an empath, an astrologer, and an angelic messenger.







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