Mystic Elements engages a variety of practitioners to lead and guide us through workshops, meet-ups, and readings that enrich our spiritual living. Many of our readers are based in the Wilmington area, while some travel from around the country to immerse our community in warmth, healing, and happiness. No matter what religious faith or spiritual path you follow, our practitioners create a space of learning and a sense of belonging with their unique abilities. Through tarot and oracle cards, mediumship, spirit animal readings, palmistry, or simply connecting with Spirit, let the team at Mystic Elements illuminate your journey.

Sheri Perbeck

Psychic Medium Healer

Sheri offers psychic mediumship readings and guided meditation one-on-one, in-group workshops, and in-gallery readings, or long distance via telephone or Skype.

Sheri’s father, Lewis Franklin Ledoux, always told her she held a special gift that would someday help make a difference in people’s lives. She didn’t realize how profound her father’s opinion was on her journey of spiritual growth until his sudden passing over a decade ago. While the loss greatly affected her, Sherri found purpose in the world of healers, mediums, and psychics. They became mentors, molding her intuitive abilities and shaping her future as a psychic reader and energy worker.

Sherri has dedicated her life to helping other find connection to the Spirit, seeing beyond the “veil” and communicating with people who have crossed over, fairies, angels, and spirit guides. She is a practicing medium and uses her abilities to heal in private or group settings, facilitate workshops, and run her own practice, Transitional Healing. Sherri works very closely with the Angelic Realm and Archangel Metatron. This also brought about Angel Speak, a gallery setting where she connects and channels information from the Angelic Realm.

Sherri hopes to grow her work in our community and around the country by offering services and workshops to people who need help in all walks of life.


Deb Bowen

Psychic Teacher

Deb offers Mystic Elements patrons psychic readings and spiritual coaching on a variety of topics. Her primary intuitive tool is tarot, along with numerology and astrology. She’s an experienced practitioner in meditation, working with crystals, using pendulum, chakra balancing, working with moon energy, and more.

A beach girl at heart, her connection to the Sacred comes from an abiding love of the sea and the sand. It was on shore and in boats that she learned everything is connected and that Mother Earth is a holy place.

Deb’s psychic ability became apparent when she was a child with the gifts of clairaudience and clairsentience. She believes her calling is to help people find the spark of Divinity within themselves. Since 1983, Deb has conducted thousands of readings for people all over the world. Today, she reaches them through in-person and telephone readings and records podcasts with a variety of messages.


Roger Lockshier

Shamanic Practitioner

Roger is a practitioner of New Aeon Shamanisn, a collection of spiritual practices and techniques designed to aid in personal transformation and discovery, while fostering a deep connection to the Sacred, Spirit, and our planet.

He’s followed various spiritual and mystical paths for over 20 years, drawing from the myths and wisdom of Europe, the ancient Norse and Celtic people, and traditions from native North and South America. Roger blends concepts from both Western and Eastern mysticism and philosophy, drawing parallels between belief systems around the world.

Through private sessions and classes, Roger promotes emotional/energy field healing, spiritual counseling, intuitive guidance, connecting with Spirit guides, and deep meditation. You can learn more about Roger’s work as creator and founder of New Aeon Shamanism at He leaves you with this:

“It is our awakening that opens us to our true identity, that we are not separate from, but one with Divine Source. This is a reconnection with our souls' purpose as active co-creators and catalysts for our spiritual evolution.”


Ashley Ulmer

Past Life Reader

Ashley has been studying under Sheri Perbeck for two years in past life experiences. Her sessions include an overview of distinguished lives, important events, cause of death along with a past life map of locations where primary past lives have occurred.







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