Mystic Elements engages a variety of practitioners to lead and guide us through workshops, meet-ups, and readings that enrich our spiritual living. Many of our readers are based in the Wilmington area, while some travel from around the country to immerse our community in warmth, healing, and happiness. No matter what religious faith or spiritual path you follow, our practitioners create a space of learning and a sense of belonging with their unique abilities. Through tarot and oracle cards, mediumship, spirit animal readings, palmistry, or simply connecting with Spirit, let the team at Mystic Elements illuminate your journey.

Sheri Perbeck

Psychic Medium and Healer

Sheri offers psychic mediumship readings and energy healings one-on-one, in-group workshops, and in-gallery readings, or long distance via telephone or Skype.

Sheri’s father, Lewis Franklin Ledoux, always told her she held a special gift that would someday help make a difference in people’s lives. She didn’t realize how profound her father’s opinion was on her journey of spiritual growth until his sudden passing over a decade ago. While the loss greatly affected her, Sheri found purpose in the world of healers, mediums, and psychics. They became mentors, molding her intuitive abilities and shaping her future as a psychic reader and energy worker.

Sheri has dedicated her life to helping other find connection to the Spirit, seeing beyond the “veil” and communicating with people who have crossed over, fairies, angels, and spirit guides. She is a practicing medium and uses her abilities to heal in private or group settings, facilitate workshops, and run her own practice, Transitional Healing. Sheri works very closely with the Angelic Realm and Archangel Metatron. This also brought about Angel Speak, a gallery setting where she connects and channels information from the Angelic Realm.

Sheri hopes to grow her work in our community and around the country by offering services and workshops to people who need help in all walks of life.

Roger Lockshier

Shamanic Practitioner

Roger is an internationally recognized shaman, healer and ritualist with over 25 years of experience devoted to nature focused spirituality, sacred ceremony, and a variety of esoteric, mystical and magickal traditions. He draws from the myths and wisdom of Europe, especially those of the ancient Norse and Celtic people as well as some traditions found within the indigenous practices of North and South America. Blending many concepts found in western and eastern mysticism and philosophy, Roger uniquely draws parallels between belief systems from around the world.

In person, Roger creates a very tangible, magickal and undeniable sense of Oneness with those present during his sacred ceremonies; and from podcasts, to his online Skype and FaceTime sessions and offerings, he has shared his teachings, healing and guidance to people from all walks of life, and numerous countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, South Africa, Kenya, Brazil, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, Spain, Columbia and others.

Through private sessions and classes, Roger uses his abilities as a channel and empath to promote emotional/energy healing, shamanic journeys, spiritual counseling, intuitive guidance, connecting with spirit guides, sound healing and deep meditation.

“It is our Awakening that opens us to our True identity, that we are not separate from, but One with Divine Source-this is a reconnection with our souls' purpose as active co-creators and catalysts for our spiritual evolution”

~Roger Lockshier, creator and founder of Shamanfire, Awakening SpiritFire Within and New Aeon Shamanism.

Maeven Eller-Five

Spiritual Teacher, Palmist, and Tarot Reader

Maeven Eller-Five has been a fixture in the greater U.S. Pagan Community since 1997. She founded the Pagan Community Center movement by opening Betwixt & Between Community Center in Dallas, Tx., a non-profit organization serving North Texas and beyond. Betwixt & Between was a brick and mortar facility open seven days a week, providing classes, social events, festivals, concerts, drum jams and civil rights support. During this time, author Anne Rice granted her the rights to conduct Mayfair Witch Tours of New Orleans, taking multiple groups on tours of the sites and places in that series of books. She served as Executive Director of the Texas Council of Magickal Arts, the oldest pagan festival organization in the country, and still serves as an active advisor to its' Board. She is the Matriarch of the House of Five Phamily and active clergy to a greater community of thousands. She was Pagan Pride Day coordinator for 7 years for the City of Dallas, was a member of the Dallas Council of Churches, and the Dallas Independent School District Religious Task Force, as well as the only pagan representative to President Bush's Faith-based Initiative Program, providing social services through grant programs to her community.

Maeven has participated in the national and international Pagan Leader's List since the late 90's. She has been practicing and sharpening her skills for 35 years as a psychic, clairvoyant, card reader and palmist. She has been initiated into the Georgian Wiccan Tradition, into the Servants of Light by Dolores Ashcroft-Norwiki, had active association and initiation in the Order of Oriental Templars, and is the the Steward of the U.S. Chapter of the Knights of St. Francis. She has been a regular presenter and guest speaker at Paranormal, Pagan and Drumming Festivals around the U.S. Her civil rights activism has caused her to appear dozens of times, state-wide and nationally in broadcast and print media. She has been interviewed by Madamoiselle International and other magazines, appeared in HBO'S Documentary ''Paradise Lost II – Revelations'', PBS's ''Faith Focus'' among other television and Cable appearances. She is listed in Raven Grimassi's “Encyclopedia of Wicca and Witchcraft,” has a chapter in Tom Levinson's ''All That's Holy''. Most recently, Maeven has been invited to attend the 7th Parliament of World Religions in Toronto.

Tara Farkas

Pyschic Reader

Tara Farkas is a mixed modality reader based in the Wilmington area who is most recognizable for her readings at Tidal Creek’s vending fairs. She has been reading clients professionally at private parties and conventions since the early 90’s, and more recently has been providing readings online via the Lightworkers Live Facebook group. She also lends her services at open healing circles around the Wilmington area for the purpose of energetically shifting emotional blockages trapped in the physical body, a modality known as “Pain Shifting”. In addition to this, Tara custom-crafts intention or meditation wands to support clients on their journey.

Utilizing gifts believed to have passed down from her grandmother, Tara began communicating with spirit at a young age. Throughout her life, she has developed a unique approach to reading that utilizes multiple modalities. In a typical reading, Tara will consult crystals in a way that is similar to rune casting, lending a specific divinatory meaning to each stone and its placement in the spread. She will then move on to cartomancy, allowing spirit to guide her as she pulls cards to relay important information and major themes pertinent to the client’s life. Channeling is also often a part of her sessions, although it isn’t guaranteed, as each session is unique. When messages are waiting to be channeled, Tara receives them directly from her guides in the form of images, symbols, smells, and sounds. She also often works with a client’s power and totem animals and the messages they bring.

Tara manages a Facebook page called Tara’s Cards, Crystals, and Fortunes where she is available for quick card pulls, spiritual advice, and custom wand orders.


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