Way of the Water Priestess, Annwyn Avalon

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A hands-on guide for witches, pagans, and others who are drawn to the magic of water for healing and protection.The Way of the Water Priestess is a practical guide to the magical power of water and its resident spirits and how to use that magic for both self-empowerment and in the service of protector of water in all its forms. Written by the founder of Triskele Rose Witchcraft, the book offers a guide to revive the ways of the water priestess to make water sacred again. This is not a new practice; women have tended the sacred waters since antiquity.Readers of The Way of the Water Priestess will learn all the aspects of water magic:

Historical and archeological information about rites and rituals, and womens role in relationship to water

The lore of water goddesses from various cultures around the world

How to form an intimate connection with water in all its forms

Moon rituals, sacred bathing, and oracular and ritual arts

How to become a sacred vessel of water

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