Maiden Mother Crone Oil Burner

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This hand-painted Triple Goddess (Mother Maiden & Crone) oil burner makes the perfect, unique decoration & tool in your room for ritual.  Burn essential oils overtop a tea-light or candle to create an aromatic experience & to add a Wiccan aesthetic to your atmosphere.  

About the Triple Goddess (Mother, Maiden, & Crone):  The Maiden represents enchantment, inception, expansion, the promise of new beginnings, birth, youth and youthful enthusiasm, represented by the waxing moon. The Mother represents ripeness, fertility, sexuality, fulfilment, stability, power and life represented by the full moon. The Crone represents wisdom, repose, death, and endings represented by the waning moon.

Made of cold cast resin, hand-painted & uniquely designed.  Includes glass dish that sits atop their hands & tea-light candle.

Measures approximately 5.75" in diameter x 5.75" tall.