Jesus Through Pagan Eyes, Rev Mark Townsend

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BRIDGING NEOPAGAN PERSPECTIVES WITH A PROGRESSIVE VISION OF CHRIST For Pagans and Christians alike, Jesus Through Pagan Eyes offers a provocative portrait ofJesus as a compassionate, life-affirming, nature-inspired spiritual teacher, freed from the limiting ideology of the Church. Rev. Mark Townsend sets the stage by exploring the historical evidence of who Jesus was as a human being before delving into the realm of metaphor and mythology, the notion of Christ, and the Churchs conception of Jesus as Christ.
The heart of this unique book lies in the thoughtful and deeply moving collection of stories, essays, and interviews about Jesus from todays most respected Pagan, Wiccan, and Druidic leaders. Contributors such as Maxine Sanders, Christopher Penczak, Janet Farrar, Diana Paxson, Philip Carr-Gomm, Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, John Michael Greer, Selena Fox, and Raven Grimassi explore the historical figure of Jesus in relation to Witchcraft, the tarot, goddess worship, and shamanism while illustrating how this god of the Christian church blesses and inspires those who embrace non-traditional spiritual paths.
Whether you envision Jesus as an ascended master, a human teacher, or a mythic god-man, this remarkable book will introduce you to a Jesus who fits fully into the Pagan imagination.

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