Native Soul White Sage & Lavender Backflow Cones

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White Sage, a plant from the mint family, has been used for centuries by the Native Americans for their purification ceremonies and healing sessions. It is believed that burning its dry leaves, bundled into smudge sticks, cleanses a space person or object of all evil spirits or negative energies.]
Lavender, well known for its medicinal qualities as well as its powers of protection and cleansing works to soothe and calm people by restoring emotional balance. It also opens the heart chakra, thus attracting loving energy.
White Sage & Lavender combine in these cones for a highly aromatic experience, creating a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere and enabling a greater ease of relaxation.
Note: Never burn incense unattended and always keep it out of reach of children. Burn incense in a suitable incense holder or incense box in a well-ventilated area.

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