Evidence of Extraterrestrials, Warren Agius

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Discover detailed analysis of dozens of UFO encounters that prove once and for all that extraterrestrials are visiting the Earth. Beginning with historical cases such as the Aurora Crash in 1897 and the famous battle of Los Angeles in 1942, this book tells the definitive stories and provides impeccable documentation for these compelling cases.
Learn whether the bodies recovered at Roswell were test dummies or extraterrestrials. Read the full story of why the military response to the Phoenix lights encounter didnt account for the eye-witness testimony. Read about the Petit-Rechain photograph of the Belgian UFO Wave, the Lubbock Lights photograph, and the Mariana footage of two unidentified craft flying over Great Falls, Montana. You will explore lesser known incidents such as the shutdown of Chinas Xiaoshan Airport in 2010 as well as the famous Tic Tac encounter off the coast of California. Additionally, Evidence of Extraterrestrialsdetails the shortcomings of six notable government programs for the study of UFOs as the community of researchers continues on the quest for disclosure.

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