Are you looking for a community that’s right for you, a place you can feel comfortable, no matter your spiritual path? What you’re seeking can be found at Mystic Elements, a place where there is a feeling of family and positive energy is always flowing.

Lorraine moved to Wilmington in 2008 and began frequenting a little shop called Visions and Dreams.  The sense of openness and acceptance was exciting!  She promptly knew it was more in line with her beliefs than anything she’d been taught prior and bought Visions and Dreams when it went up for sale in 2012.  She later that year changed the name to Mystic Elements to reflect the direction and vision she had for the store.  Have you seen all four elements represented in the logo?

Mystic Elements brings spiritual living to Wilmington through 1,500 square feet of readings, workshops, ceremonies, crystals, stones, books, candles, incense and more. The metaphysical store is also a spiritual education and healing center, engaging practitioners for specialty workshops, events, and meetings. Some of our offerings include psychic readings, workshops on psychic mediumship and spirituality, and free pagan ceremonies or meet-ups.

The metaphysical properties available at Mystic Elements give us a myriad of tools we need to get to the place we desire. From rough or tumbled stones to crystals representing chakras, magical candles, and books on spirituality, we have created a store filled with products and practitioners that nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

We have created a destination that welcomes people from all walks of life and all spiritual paths. Visit our store and let us join you on your spiritual journey today. Stop in or give us a call.