The Mystery Of The Watchtowers

The Watchtowers, also known as the Four Quarters, are the spiritual guardians we call into our circles when we invoke the four directions. We welcome them to protect us, bless us, and to bear witness to our rites. These watchers also represent the four elements of the Earth. The ancient Greeks believed they were the Gods of the Four Winds. In older traditions, they are known to be the Gods we call the Old Ones.

The Four Elements

Since ancient times the Elements have been believed to be the building blocks of all of creation. When working with the elements, we recognize that all things are made up of these four sacred energies. Calling the Watchtowers to the edge of our circles represents our oneness with all things. When we invite them to our circle, they create a magical presence that protects us and helps hold the energy we strive to build within.

The East

East is the home of the Element of Air. This direction represents all forms of communication, thoughts, ideas, and the written word. It is the seat of dawn and the season of Spring. Within it, we find the Archangel Raphael and the Goddess as she aspects as The Maiden. In the East, we see God in his youthful form. The elemental being we recognize in the East is the Sylph, a creature of the air frequently associated with the Faery Realm.

The South

South is where the Element of Fire resides. It represents passion, the spark of renewal, manifestation, and high energy. It is noontime and the season of Summer. The South is the home of Archangel Michael. In this quadrant, the aspect of the Goddess is Mother and God as Father. The elemental associated with the South is the Salamander.

The West

West is where we find the Element of Water. This direction represents emotion, the ebb, and flow of life, the waters associated with birth, and those of death. This is the time of the twilight and the season of Fall. The West is the elemental home of the Archangel Gabriel. In the West, we find the God and Goddess as they aspect as the King and Queen of the boundaries of the Earth. The elemental being we work within this direction is the Undine.

The North

North is where the Element of Earth holds sway. It is the direction of strength, wisdom, grounding, of stone and steadiness. This is the time of midnight and the season of Winter. In the North, we find the Archangel Auriel. This is where the Goddess aspects as the Crone. The God has now moved on to the Underworld from the North. The elemental we call upon in this quadrant is the Gnome.

Your Elemental Enlightenment

When you begin to work with the Watchtowers and the four elements they represent, you will enhance your personal practice by leaps and bounds. Developing a greater understanding of the properties found in each direction will continue to provide enlightenment for you the seeker, for all of your days as you grow ever wiser in the greater mysteries.


Written by Maeven Eller-Five

Image courtesy of Google Images

September 02, 2022 — Lorraine Annacone

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