Written By Maeven Eller-Five

Our Introduction To The Faery Realm

From our earliest childhood memories, we are introduced to the idea of working with the Faery Realm. Just consider the first time you saw Disney’s, “Peter Pan.” I remember clapping with all my heart when Peter Pan asked us to help him save Tinker Bell.

The Faery Realm is a term that now encompasses a wide variety of supernatural creatures from several different countries. Many of these creatures are similar to the common Fae, Fairies, and the Wee Folk. Almost everyone of us is familiar with the Will-o’-the -Wisps, Sidhe’, Ballybogs, Brownies, and Changelings. Furthermore, most of us are have also heard of the Dryads, Pixies, Sprites, and the Seelie Court. These are just a few of the many mythological creatures associated with the Faery Realm.

Identifying Your Faery Type

Now that we have established there are several magical creatures found within the Faery Realm, let’s explore how we share space with them with relative ease. First and foremost, not all of them are created equal. In the classical Faery kingdom, there are several different types of fae-like species. Truth be told, some of them are very small and cute, and some are very large and are not cute and sweet. Some have wings, and some do not. Some are mischievous, and some can be downright naughty. Learning more about the Fae is an excellent way to establish a good relationship with them when they come to call.

Making Space To Welcome The Fae

When we choose to invite the Fae into the places we live, it’s important to understand what kind of Faery you are welcoming into your home or gardens. Now know this, not all of us get a choice. Sometimes the Fae choose you. Some of these magical creatures associate themselves to a family line. There are some that come with the houses we move into or the forest and wild places we occupy. Almost every culture has mythology surrounding fanlike beings and the way they interact with humans.

Historically the most commonly known Fae like sparkly shiny things. When offering them a space in your home, consider putting up a Faery door, build them a small garden, set them up a place dedicated to just them. There you can leave them offerings, tiny things, crystals, stones, and coins, single earrings, and Mardi Gras beads. Just be creative.

Keeping Your Faery Friends Happy

These aforementioned places are also the perfect places to make a peace offering when they’ve snagged something you need back. One of the things people who work with  Faery Realm know is this; the little buggers are thieves. They love to move things on you. They get a great deal of joy watching you tear a place apart looking for your keys, Pixiesthumb drives, or things like jewelry. If it sparkles or shines, it’s fair game.

A well-known way to make peace with a mischievous or playful Faery is to place a dime under a clear glass cup or jar. Promise the Fae you will let them have the sparkly thing once they give you back what they have hidden. Another way to win them over to your favor is to offer them a shot of hard liquor or honey. If you have a particularly active Sprite or Brownie in your home, make regular offerings to them of wee cups of liquer, honey, and sweet treats. The Fae are known to also like pretty stones and crystals, small toys, tiny tea sets, twinkly lights and mirrors. Take care of your Fae friends and they will be a joy to share your space with, well, at least it will never be boring.

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