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How Your Garden Grows

It doesn’t matter how much space you have at home, you can find a way to grow a magickal garden. It’s possible for everyone to share in this spiritual practice. Whether a small window sill, an apartment balcony, or a full sized yard, you can grow a magickal garden.

While there are many resources to help you learn how to design a witches garden, in this article we are discussing something different. Now mind you, if you have the skill set and the ability to grow a traditional witches garden, I tip my hat to you. However, in this article, I want to talk about you growing your magickal garden. You should create a garden that enriches your spiritual practices and serves you.

Why Grow A Magickal Garden

Many of us use herbs in our practice in a variety of ways. Some of us like to burn herbs and herbal blends as well as use them to make tinctures, salves, ritual baths, and soaps. In fact, many of us already cook with them and make delightful teas, and so much more.

Just like stones and crystals, herbs and flowers similarly have energetic vibrations. Those energetic attributes can be used to enhance your everyday practice on a variety of levels. Take your crystal grids to the next level by adding flower leaves, petals, and seeds from your own garden. Use may use them to adorn your altar in addition to make offerings. You can dry your plants and produce a variety of potpourris as well as put them in a sachet to scent your drawers. You can even use them to make herbal lemonades, teas, as well as mead. Cooking with culinary herbs with an intent based on their energetic properties elevates your meals in addition to giving you excellent nutrients. Watching them grow and tending to them is considered a meditative practice that can even reduce our stress levels.

A Magickal Destination

Magickal gardens can be as varied as each of our spiritual practices are. Outdoor magickal gardens can be a place to leave altar tools to be cleansed in the moonlight, a witches ball, stones and crystals, and ceremonial offerings. Furthermore, you can adorn your plants with crystals and magickal items that suit your spiritual leanings. They offer you beauty, and whimsy just by sharing your space. Are you devoted to a certain tradition or God and Goddess? Consider planting different plants that pay homage to them.

Some of the most basic plants to consider for your magickal garden are:

A Garden Of Whimsy

Most of all your garden should feed your soul and bring you joy. As the wheel turns a garden brings gifts and wisdom of its own. There is beauty in the early morning dew drops. Wonder is found in a spider web glistening in the sunlight.  Lessons are found in the wildlife that shares the garden. Close by you might hear a wind chime singing it’s song. Perhaps a sun lit crystal casts rainbows crosses your path.  A dragonfly may visit and hover close by. The cycle of life happens when butterflies and bees dine on the nectar of your blooms. There is Mr. and Mrs. Toad who squat under a shady plant to say hello and thank you. The scent of rain mingles with the fruits of your labor catching you and holding you spellbound.

The greatest gift of all that comes with tending to a magickal garden, is the way it ends up tending to you. Blessed gardening.

September 02, 2022 — Lorraine Annacone

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