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Benefits Of Rutilated Quartz

If you are like me, you are always looking for a way to expand your knowledge of the stones. Well look no further, the many benefits of Rutilated Quartz will make this stone a powerhouse for your collection.

My son has chronic asthma, and I asked Rachel, Mystic Elements very own Stone Whisperer, what is a good stone for the lungs? She took me to look at the Rutilated Quartz. Rachel told me how Rutile is said to help energetically with the lungs, and several other major organs. With that said, that barely scratches the surface of all the properties that make this stone sought after.

Strands Of Gold

Rutile is the mineral you first notice. Its golden strands running through the stone are striking. The Rutile strands also come in copper, black, silver, and red creating a wide variety of coloration and markings. Rutile comes from the element Titanium. When found inside of Quartz formations, it becomes Rutilated Quartz. Combining the energies of both stones makes them even more beneficial to those who like to work with this stone. This stone literally possesses a heart of gold.

Rutilated Quartz’s Many Names

With its wide availability, Rutilated Quartz is called by many names. Several countries have a name of their own for this stone, most dealing with the colored stands found inside. One name it is known by is Angel Hair because this quartz is believed to help you communicate with Angels. In Latin, Rutile means red or glowing, lending to one of its names Cupid’s Heart, and Fletches D’Amour. Across the world, people call it Venus Hair, Angel’s hair, and Freya’s Hair, to name just a few. The golden strands have also been tied to Greek lore surrounding the Moirai, also known as the “Fates” — a trio of spirits who were responsible for the weaving and maintaining of the “golden threads” of mortals’ lives and destinies.

Benefits Of Rutilated Quartz

This versatile stone works with all of your chakras. Its specific vibration helps in many ways. Use it to help maintain your self-control. It is a very protective stone. Rutilated Quartz fosters self-reliance, and strength of personal will. If you need to be firm on a matter, drop a Rutilated Quartz in your pocket. It can really help you stand your ground on a subject.

This stone is also good for recognizing your souls’ dreams. It’s an excellent stone to lift up your mood, your personal awareness, and help combat depression, melancholy, and loneliness. Rutilated Quartz is also an Angel communicator stone. Keep it near you when you are trying to communicate to the Angels or your higher self.

It is helpful energetically for you to wear Rutilated Quartz near the area you need it most. As a stone that is believed to help with healing the major organs, carry or wear near the space you need healing. As quartz itself is an amplifier, it naturally boosts the energetic qualities that keep your organ systems running smoothly, and can easily be paired with other stones to target specific ailments or organs. A very good pairing for all over wellbeing or speedy recovery from illness is bloodstone and Rutilated Quartz.

This soulful stone is a good one to keep near your bed, in your pocket, and in your car. Where ever you could use a boost of well being, Rutilated Quartz should be there.

September 02, 2022 — Lorraine Annacone

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