Dragonfly As Your Spirit Guide And Totem

Dragonfly is a powerful spirit guide when it appears in your life. As a rule, when Dragonfly comes into your world, expect the power of transformation and change to be close behind. Other gifts that it shares with us is the strength to see through what is irrelevant, thus giving you the ability to connect to what matters most in our lives. Another unique gift it shares with us is the revelation to quit overthinking every choice we make, rather trusting our gut instincts and root feelings on a topic. Dragonfly wants us to recognize our potential to evolve on a spiritual level when the time is at hand.

Besides its ability to mesmerize us with its beauty, the Dragonfly calls us to pay close attention to what is going on around us. It comes to us, wrapped in all of its iridescent beauty. It summons our attention, drawing our eyes to follow it as it glistens all around us, to and fro. All the while commanding our rapt attention, it is demonstrating our need to become more aware of what is currently going on with us, right before our eyes. Their symbolism also calls for us to stretch our deeper selves in a profound and spiritual way seeking a greater maturity of us. Perhaps the time has come to deal with our truths instead of tucking them out of sight from ourselves.

The Spiritual Symbolism

Cultures around the world have sought to better connect with the Dragonfly for over 100 to 300 million years. The name Dragonfly comes from the myths that Dragonflies were once Dragons.

In Native American culture, Dragonflies are symbolic of renewal after difficulty and also resurrection. They are also believed to be the souls of the dead. In Lakota mythology, they are representatives of the spirit of illusion. The Lakota believed they could call upon them to help trick their enemies during battle. They also represent purity and happiness.

In Japanese culture, the Dragonfly brings good luck and fortune and is the bearer of new light on a matter. It also embodies joy, stength, and courage. They also symbolize Summer and Autumn. The Samurai believe they represent agility, power, and victory.

In parts of Europe, especially in Ireland, they are believed to be the horses for the Fae. Many other European myths find the Dragonfly a symbol of mischief.

Ways To Work With Dragonfly

Did you know It is possible for a Dragonfly to fly up to thirty miles an hour? Besides that, they can also move in every single direction while in flight. It is no wonder why they hold so many of us rapt while they do their ariel acrobatics. It is for this reason that Dragonfly is related to the elements of Water and Air.

Dragonfly brings us the courage to act fast on old ideas that no longer serve us, especially the ones we hold onto that are bringing us harm. It opens our eyes to lies we are telling ourselves and need to correct to bring on our success and happiness.

One of the ways to work with Dragonfly energy is through the use of color, one of it’s most recognized magics. It also has mastery over color through its iridescence. Rainbows are particularly powerful when working with this totem, as are all bright colors.

Use meditation to work with this spirit guide. Envision the Dragonfly is moving up through each of your chakras illuminating them and clearing them out with glorious color. You may find it helpful to enlist the aid of Chakra Stones with this meditative process.

All stones and crystals that have iridescent properties work well to represent Dragonfly energy in your workings. Aura Quartz, Flourite, Amazonite, and Aquamarine are just a few good examples of stones that are excellent to use when working with this colorful totem.

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