Written by Maeven Eller-Five

The Many Branches of Divination

The art of divination has been around for as long as humans have been looking for signs to help them make informed decisions. It’s just one more way our ancestors interacted with the world around them to help navigate their day to day lives to the best of their abilities.

What we consider as the art of divination, can be divided into several different branches of practice that are part of the same tree. All of these practices are meant to help us divine the future. Furthermore, each culture throughout time has used sources of divination as part of their decision-making processes.

Well Known Divination Tools

Under this vast tree of knowledge, we find one of the largest categories. Perhaps the best-known branch is the use of tools to foresee the future. Let’s take a look at the wide variety of prophetic tools available to you when seeking answers for yourself.

  • Crystal Balls – Using crystal balls to see the future.
  • Runes – The use of using pulled runes to determine a prophetic message.
  • Oracle Cards – The act of finding meaning in oracle cards to forecast the future.
  • Pendulums – The act of using a pendulums directional movement to find a yes or no answer.
  • Scrying Mirrors – Looking into a blackened mirror to look for prophecy.
  • Spirit Boards – Using a board marked with symbols to receive messages from spirits.
  • Stones – Using the meanings and grouping of the individual stones to forecast the future.
  • Tarot Cards – Using archetype imagery and placement of tarot cards to predict the future.
  • Tea Leaves – Reading the remaining leaf material in a finished cup of tea to interpret the imagery in order to foretell the future.

The Psychic Gifts

Psychic powers and gifts make up another large area of divination. Mediums, Psychics, and Clairvoyants, are only a few of the talents found under this category of prophecy. This branch of divination often relies on the gifts of another to help you find the answers you need. Practitioners offer a wide variety of such services as we find in the list below.

  • Automatic Writing – Receiving auditory information that is then conveyed through automatic writing.
  • Mediumship – Conveys communications from the souls of those who have crossed over.
  • Crystal Ball Reader – Someone who uses the imagery found in a Crystal Ball to read the future.
  • Palm Reader – Determines the meaning of individual lines in one’s palms.
  • Card Reader – Interprets the meaning of tarot or oracle cards.
  • Rune Reader – Someone who foretells the meaning found in the placement and meanings of the runes.
  • Tea Leaf Reader – Interprets the future as told by the tea leaves, wine sediments, and coffee grounds left over in a cup.
  • Skull Scryer – Predicting a future based on the bumps and shape of someone’s skull.
  • Lithomancer – Someone who reads the patterns and energies of stones and crystal for you.

Phenomenon Based Divination

Another methodology of divination is the discipline of interpreting natural phenomenon such as, animal sightings and groupings, noting reoccurrence of numbers. In addition to those, we also find in this branch of prophecy uses of element based events to gather sight. I’ve added the augery of songs on the radio, as well as, all similar activity to this category. We would be remiss if we did not include the scrying found in the act of repetitive action. One well-known example of this is the act of natural sight that occurs for some individuals while working with the fiber arts. Listed below are several examples of phenomenon-based divination.

  • Watching animals found in our surroundings and their messages and the meaning found in the number of animals in the groupings.
  • Water Scrying is watching water under the Moonlight for imagery.
  • Fire Scrying is watching a fire for future scenes and images.
  • Numerology is using the numerical meaning found in numbers reduced to their lowest number.
  • Astrology is study and prediction based on the placement of heavenly bodies based on their time and current location in the sky.
  • Elemental Auditory Deduction means hearing the wind, or other elements give you auditory messages.
  • Repetitive Action Skrying occurs when one settles into a repetitive action that allows messages to surface when one’s mind relaxes and or the act of muscle memory activates through the touch.

Divination For All

Take your time and do some research to find what kind of divination calls to you personally. Give a few different varieties your focus until you land on one that speaks to your specific skill sets. You may just find a whole new world open up to you. You can also take classes, workshops, or find a skilled practitioner to help you on your journey to foretell your future. Let your instincts be our guide.

Happy divining!

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