Attracting Abundance

Attracting Abundance to your life is an important skill to learn. Who couldn’t benefit from a bit more prosperity in their lives? With a bit of practice, you too can learn how to attract more wealth to your life.

Identifying Your Needs

When we start thinking about attracting abundance, we usually have a clear and present need. Do you require more income? Have you found your budget is out of balance? Knowing what you need is the first clear step. Are you looking for a quick windfall or a monthly boost to your income? Are you trying to grow your practice or business, or just survive? Once you know what kind of prosperity you are seeking, you can get started.

Put A Number On It

As a rule, a clear intention lays down the foundation for your manifestation to begin. When you want to attract abundance, starting with a precise figure in mind, builds on your mental image. Furthermore, when you have a clear objective, the Universe begins to help you achieve your target. Whether you write your aspiration down in a notebook, in your monthly calendar, or on a post a note, it is all helpful. Frequently seeing your clear intent written down will serve to reinforce it. See it, and believe it!

Be Positive

Believing that you will succeed is paramount to the process. Keep a positive attitude, in word and deed. Daydream about your hopes and ambitions. When someone asks how you are, tell them you are great. Good things are coming your way. Live it as your truth.

Take Action

Every day you need to work toward attracting abundance. For any real manifestation to happen, you have to lend energy to the process to reach your objectives. Above all, don’t make excuses, or procrastinate. Disciplining yourself helps improve your chances of success.

Other Ways To Encourage Abundance

A good start would be to build an altar for abundance. Creating a sacred space is an excellent way to amplify your intentions. Include items that represent prosperity to you. Add your favorite money-drawing stones, crystals, herbs, and flowers. Carrying Malachite, Pyrite, or Citrine on you also attracts abundance to name just a few. Burn a money drawing incense on your altar and light a green candle. Spray your money with Florida Water to attract more. Add loose coins and bills to your altar to watch your money grow. Continuing to reinforce your financial desires with positive actions will help you improve your manifestations skills for further use. You can do it. Just believe!


By Maeven Eller-Five

September 02, 2022 — Lorraine Annacone

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