Oh, Glorious Sun

Summer Solstice is right around the corner on June 21, 2019. Some of us may know this holiday by even older names like Litha, Midsummer, or Alban Hefin, and Utu Ri. By any name, it honors the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Summer Solstice

We’ve all had those lazy, crazy, summers where our worries seemed to melt away with the growing Sun. Imagine what our tribal ancestors felt at this time of the year. In Northern Europe, the lushness of Summer cast a spell over everyone. Food was most plentiful at this time. The growing days and warm nights paralleled the Goddesses growing fertility.


Stonehenge is a prehistoric sight in Wiltshire, England featuring a collection of carefully placed stones. It is quite possibly the most noted location to celebrate Summer Solstice, known to the Druids as Alban Hefin. After a long night of merriment, the attendees watch for the Sun to rise behind the Heel Stone. When the Sun arrives, it fills the center of the monument with Summer’s first light.

Ways To Celebrate Summer Solstice

Take some time to soak up some Sun. Together with fresh edible flowers and seasonal herbs, make yourself some Sun Tea. Let it sit outside to soak up that Solstice energy. Build a Summer Solstice grid for yourself.  Stones that are good for use during Litha are, Sunstone, Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Citrine, Topaz, and Carnelian. Afterward, add yellow and orange flower petals to your creation for even more depth of energy.  Make yourself a flower crown. Also, you can burn a candle during the day to honor the Sun’s return. Get your hands in the soil and plant some flowers. Lastly, meditate on the goals you set at Imbolc and Ostara. How is your spiritual garden growing?

If you’re a Wilmington local, another wonderful way to celebrate the Solstice is to attend the free, family-friendly Litha Ritual and Celebration hosted by Roger Lockshier and Rachel Wurz at Mystic Elements. This event will take place on Saturday, June 22nd from 6-8PM. It’s a fun way to learn about the traditions surrounding this holiday in a casual community environment

The Paradox of Balance

Just as Summer arrives, it also marks the decline of the Sun. The Holly King concurs The Oak King once again, and the Sun continues to rise. Taking the time to be one with the turn of the Great Wheel will help you see the lessons in your own life, thus helping you to grow into your best self.

Blessed Summer Solstice!

By Maeven Eller-Five

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