Learning To Ground Yourself

Knowing how to ground yourself is an integral part of your spiritual development, no matter what path you practice. When learning to work with energy, we all know how it feels when we feel energetically out of whack. When you work with energy, whether building a stone grid, working with your chakras, or doing some form of magick, you need to know how to ground your energy.

Why We Should Ground

The primary purpose of grounding yourself is to drain off or ground out, your energy when you have too much or too little. This process relies on you developing your skill for working with the earth grounding nature. Doing so will help you stabilizes your energy field whenever you need to do so.

When You May Need To Ground

By knowing how to ground yourself, you can aid yourself in many situations that feel energetically challenging. Anytime you do a ritual; it helps to ground yourself before you begin. By doing so, your energy will have an even keel to it. Grounding allows you to balance out your energy whether you need to receive some energy or need to return some be more balanced. Equally important, after a ceremony, we frequently have more energy than we need. This is another good time to ground yourself. Also, a common situation you may find yourself in is coming to contact with someone or a place where the vibes you feel noticeably don’t agree with you. Let’s face it; the world is full of people who have energy that isn’t compatible with our own. After you are out of the situation is an excellent time to ground.

How To Ground Yourself

When you wish to harmonize your energy, whether you have too much, or too little energy, grounding starts the same way. Standing or sitting, still yourself. Take a deep, cleansing breath. Exhale slowly. First, imagine you have roots running out from your spine, deep down into the earth. See any negativity or abundance of energy flowing into the earth. Know that the earth will absorb it and make it pure again. Now visualize yourself absorbing the lifeblood of the earth back into yourself. See it moving through your body, bringing your back into harmony. Once you feel more in balance, take another deep breath and exhale. Open your eyes.

There are also several different stones you can keep with you to help you stay grounded. Hematite is an excellent stone to help even out your energies when needed. Mahogany Obsidian, Smokey Quartz, and Black Tourmaline are other good stones that can help you ground, to name just a few.

Growing Those Roots

The more often you practice growing your roots down to the earth, the better you will be at it. Next, you will be able to add centering to your skillset, enhancing your ability to ground yourself even more.


Written by Maeven Eller-Five

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