Seeking Your Spiritual Path

Does your spiritual path seem to be calling you all the time these days? Has it been nudging you, crossing your mind whenever you slow down long enough to hear it? If your true path is gnawing at your inner landscape, it’s signaling to you; it’s time to grow. The Seeker in you has a genuine need to continue down your spiritual path.

Identifying your spiritual path can be very difficult when you first begin seeking. There is just so much to figure out and understand, at times it can be completely overwhelming.

The Many Paths

The typical process is for someone that is seeking to take some time to evaluate what does and does not resonate with you. There is no one path or one right way. My experience over a long spiritual path is, your path evolves as you do. It’s a beautiful thing finding your true self.

Personally, when asked what my spiritual path is, I prefer to reply with, “I’m on the path of Maeven.” Labeling myself is no longer necessary for me. I just don’t fit into one category. My seeking has helped me to realize that the right spiritual path for me, is the one that helps me become my best self. For others though, following a system with very clear tenents and a finite structure, is a much better fit. Again, it’s your path; it is crucial you find what works for you.

Recognizing The Signs

You may wonder, “How do you stay true to yourself?” Your best indicator of what is best for you is ther sensation you feel when you find ‘that’ book. You might feel it when you learn about a spiritual practice for the first time that lights you up inside. It could happen when you hear a song or chant you’ve never heard before, and your heart soars. For many, its when you find another crystal or stone that lets you know it has to go home with you. It could be in the feathers you keep finding lately, or a series of numbers you repeatedly see like 11:11 or 3:33 that you know means something to you. There are just so many ways your path may be calling to you every day. Taking notice of the way the Universe communicates with you individually can be a clear indicator.

The next step comes with building greater trust in the energetic clues you get, like that ‘knowing’ you feel somewhere inside yourself. Usually, you first become aware of this in your ‘gut.’ Additionally, there can be other types of sensations, such as a kind of warming in your heart chakra, or a tingling sensation in your hands. These energetic communications can stimulate a sort of longing to know more. As you get more familiar with these experiences and what they signify, you will be able to discover those stepping stones on your spiritual path with greater ease.

Narrowing The Field

Perhaps up until now, you’ve been content with a few stones, a sage wand, and a couple of specialty candles. However, now you are being drawn to get your feet a bit more wet in the whole metaphysical pool. Let’s look at some other ways to do that.

First, take some time to determine the different types of modalities that call to you. Are you drawn to earth based or eco-spirituality? There are a wide variety of paths and traditions that at their core, longs to walk softer and closer to the Earth. Many find the sum of their needs met by working with the energies present in the wide variety of crystals and stones available to us. Furthermore, others seek the astral dimensions to light their spiritual paths with the help of communication with the Star Beings and or the Angelic Realm. Another driving factor for some Seekers is the desire to find one’s spiritual path by reconnecting with their Ancestral origins.

You may find help by sampling a variety of classes and workshops on topics that already pique your interest. Also, there are so many good books available; they can help you narrow down the focus of your unique gifts and energies. Take your time when considering what book to get. With such a blessing of topics available, don’t rush yourself. Get out there and meet some folks. Take advantage of open events in your area to sample different pathways while meeting others of like mind. Everyone crosses your path for a reason.

Mystic Elements offers a wide variety of classes and workshops to help you find your true spiritual path. We also carry a wide variety of products to help you on your journey.

Follow what feels right to you on your spiritual path, Seeker, ‘and none can say nay.’ Always remember this long-held tenent, “Seekers Seek.” Your spiritual path is yours alone to define.

Blessings on your journey.

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