Crystal Grids and Emotional Healing

Crystal grids for emotional healing are easy to build for yourself.  The grid we will be discussing today was designed with the intent to welcome energies needed for our emotional healing. We’ve built ours with crystals and stones whose properties help aid the heart chakra in releasing blocked energies and old hurts. Utilizing the properties of various stones that work in harmony with one another can also help bring about a sense of loving energy, positivity, and compassion around us. Who couldn’t use a bit more of that?

Building Blocks Of Your Grid

Incorporating the use of crystal grids with your stones creates an incredibly powerful tool that will amplify their energies. The power of a crystal grid comes from the combined energy of the crystals and stones you use in them. They can be enhanced with the energies of flowers, herbs, seeds, and shells.

You can find a variety of books on making your own Crystal Grids at Mystic Elements or on our website.

Determine Your Intent

As you consider the design and structure of your grid, it is particularly important you first consider your intent. You will find success if you set a focus before you start your grid construction. Once your intent is clear, write it on a piece of paper and set it under your grid. This will help amplify the energies even further.

Pick Your Grid Type

There are a wide array of grids. Likewise, the possible arrangement of crystals and stones within the grid, is limitless. Find the type of grids that feel natural to you. Our instinct can play a large roll to help us build just the right grid for our personal use and style. For additional ideas on the many ways to create a crystal grid, you can find a variety of books on the topic at Mystic Elements.

Stones We Used In Our Grid

A variety of rose quartz is available at Mystic Elements and on our website.

We chose the ever popular Rose Quartz as a standing point for the center of our featured grid. Rose Quartz is the perfect stone for our center crystal. Known for its positive vibration it is said to help you find love, beauty, and peacefulness. This stone fosters forgiveness when you need it.  With gentle love and kindness it will fill the environment it is in. This lovely energy turns negativity into compassion and understanding.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz has long been believed to be good for relieving stress. It can help you work through hurt, fear, low confidence, resentment, or anger. As it is associated to the heart chakra, it is good for clearing old blockages.

Pink Opal

Beautiful Pink Opal is available at Mystic Elements and on our online store.

Believed to heal emotions, especially those emotions connected with subconsciously held pain. Hands down, Pink Opal is a power house stone. Part of the qualities most sought after is the belief it helps to resolve painful memories with a gentleness and compassion for oneself.

As the stone known for “Spiritual Awakening” it aids in the purification of the mind and the heart. It teaches love and non-violence for those who incorporate its energies into their grids. We used both tumbled, and raw Pink Opal, in this grid.

Clear Quartz Points

These stunning points can be found in the store and on our website. Also, Quartz amplifies the energy around it. Use a Clear Quartz stone when you want to manifest what you are trying to draw to you.

This “Stone of Meditation” it is often used for spiritual development and healing. Clear Quartz can work to clear and activate your energy centers through out the body. Quartz can help you connect you to the Great All. We used Clear Quartz Mini Points for this grid.

Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine, providing both stones properties.


Ametrine is the stone we used to help balance the energies around you. This stone is especially noted for helping to balance male/female energies. In addition to this, is also helps with creative and intellectual synthesis of spirituality and growth. Ametrine is also a favored choice for dispersing negativity from the aura, releasing emotional and spiritual blockages. This affective stone raises one’s awareness and consciousness when working on the astral levels.

We used tumbled Ametrine as an addition to our grid to help with spiritual blockages.


Blue Kyanite, an important work horse to have in your stone collection, is available at Mystic Elements, and online

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is one of the only stones in the mineral kingdom that never needs cleaning. Furthermore, this is a great stone for cleaning all other stones you may have. This stone is an excellent choice to use for attunement work.

We used Kyanite in this grid for its properties that bring one tranquility. Furthermore, Kyanite and has a calming effect on the whole being. This stone works especially well on the throat chakra and your third eye. Likewise, it is noted to further psychic ability, communication with our higher self, and self love.

You can purchase mysterious Moonstone is available in many forms at Mystic Element and on line.


Moonstone is a balancing, introspective, and reflective stone. It is an excellent stone to foster hope. Known to connect one to what is specifically needed in life, it provides much needed universal energies. As a result, it is great to use for connecting to your life cycle.

Moonstone completes the outer edge of our grid. It has many beneficial properties. Mystic Elements

Building Your Own Grids

This is but one example of the types of grids you can use to work with your stones to amplify their energies to aid you in your workings.

We recommend you try building your own grids with the stones you have in your collections or find here at Mystic Elements.

Be watching for more grid ideas in the coming weeks!

This article is not intended to be considered medical advice.

Mystic Elements uses “Love Is In The Earth: The Crystal and Mineral Encyclopedia, The LIITE Fantastic and The Last Testament,” by author Melody, Earth-Love Publishing House, 2007, for its crystal, mineral, and gem references.

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