In our busy world I think we can all relate to the need for some added protection in our personal space from time to time. By adding crystals and gems with the attributes to protect your energy field, you can help dispel others unprocessed emotions and projections that are around you.

Negative energies come in several different forms. Does something seem off? Is your gut gnawing at you? Is a trip on the horizon? Are you seeking to add some protection around the house or on your person?

Thankfully Mother Nature has provided all of us with a host of gemstones and crystals that offer the bearer some solid relief in this arena of energy work. With several different stones available for the use of protection and the banishment of negative energies, it’s important to find out what stone resonates best for your specific needs.

Gemstones For Your Protection

Apophyllite – This is an excellent stone to help improve overall feelings of well-being and to reject outside negative influences. This stone is a great choice to help one recover from past negative experiences that still linger in the mind of the bearer, continuing to bring anxiety and stress

This powerful stone is also known for its qualities to protect one from the threat or concern of fire. It also helps one recognize the time to take action to get to a safe place.


Black Moonstone – When planning any travel, Black Moonstone provides protection during your journey. Known as the “traveler’s stone”, this stones reputation is well known. Its attributes are especially good for those crossing bodies of water. Another fine attribute is this stone is also known to help one deal with jet lag.




Black Tourmaline – This is one of the most powerful stones known for protecting someone against psychic attack. It has been revered as the “teller stone” for its ability to help point out the source of negativity being directed at its user. Heralded for its protections from all dangers on the physical plane, this is an excellent ‘go to’ stone for anyone seeking shelter from negativity and harm being thrown their way.



Hematite – Among Hematite’s many documented properties, one of its greatest attributes is its ability to transmute negative energy into more harmonic energy through its properties of purification. As a stone that is associated to the Earth, it is incredibly potent for the user seeking more grounding in their life.

Around the house, keeping Hematite near your front door can keep negative energies from entering your home. Using Hematite to grid your home is especially helpful when those energies are coming from energy vampires.


Prehnite – If you are someone who has a hard time saying no to even the most inappropriate or unreasonable requests, this gemstone may be just the one for you. Known as the “stone of prophesy,” this stone is revered for helping guide you through uncertain times.  By providing a balanced energy field, Prehnite helps us to revitalize our own personal boundaries. Another favorable characteristic this stone is noted for is its ability to empower women who suffer from having a hard time expressing anger.

If you travel often,

’ protective qualities will guard your home while you are away.


Shungite – If you worry about EMF radiation, this gemstone is noted to very helpful in ridding the body of these toxins. Another heralded property of Shungite, comes from the protection it provides from environmental disaster.

Knowns as a “miracle stone,” Shungite is formidable in shielding one from psychic attacks, energy vampires, and all other harmful energies.


Thankfully for us, there is a wild variety of stones with abilities that can help protect us from a host of life’s negative bombardments. Choose the stones that resonate with you to gain their maximum benefits to live your best life possible.

This article is not intended to be considered medical advice.

Mystic Elements uses “Love Is In The Earth: The Crystal and Mineral Encyclopedia, The LIITE Fantastic and The Last Testament,” by author Melody, Earth-Love Publishing House, 2007, for its crystal, mineral, and gem references.

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