How to Smudge (A Cautionary Tale)

by Lorraine Annacone Smudging your space is a great way to clear negative energy.  The frequency depends on what is going on in your life.  If you or someone in your family have been sick, had guests, arguments, etc., you should smudge to clear all negative energy.  There are many choices of smudge; white sage,
By Deb Bowen, Spiritual Educator and Psychic Mystic Elements is often called a metaphysical store, or a new age store. What does that mean, really? Metaphysics in a branch of philosophy that studies that which is beyond (meta) physical reality. Metaphysics asks the hard questions, such as: Who are you? Where is home, really? What
Guest Blogger: Cecelia Butler, former librarian and metaphysical practitioner. The term “Akasha” comes from a Sanskrit word meaning space or ether. It is an etheric field which contains all the recorded history of past events, both personal and universal.  It is often referred to as the “Book of Life”, “Hall of Records” or the “Universal

What To Expect In a Psychic Reading

By Deb Bowen, Guest Blogger Every psychic is unique, having his/her own methods and skills.  Below are questions you should ask before you get a reading. How long have you been working professionally? Usually, the length of time a psychic has been in practice indicates how well his/her services are received. Do you have repeat